Book a Hotel for Your Next Family Vacation with These Simple Tips

May 28, 2021

Can’t decide where to stay for your next family vacation? Book a hotel for your next trip with a few simple tips. My family loves to travel. Quite honestly, we would travel full-time if we could. However, being a mom with a chronic illness and having a toddler with certain medical needs makes that a little hard. So instead we travel as often as we can together. Typically, we plan a few vacations a year. When it comes time to book a hotel, my family leaves that completely up to me. I’m super particular when it comes to choosing where my family stays. I want to make sure that our hotel is both in a safe area and clean.

Hotels that have sanitizing stations and daily housekeeping service are something that I look for, and the Ecolab Science Certified™ program makes it easy to find those hotels that are advancing cleaner, safer practices.