Travel Babbo is Taking Back His Social Life This Summer at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs

July 26, 2021

While I was excited to visit The Broadmoor for personal reasons, I was also comfortable booking the hotel from a COVID-19 and cleanliness perspective, as the hotel has earned the Ecolab Science Certified seal. No matter what we were doing at the hotel (detailed below), we knew that every surface we saw was being cleaned and disinfected properly, and that staff were trained on current public health and food safety best practices. It’s a strange time right now as the world is starting to recover from the pandemic, and it’s tough to know how comfortable to feel as we’re taking off masks and starting to let our guard down. The nice thing is that when you book a hotel that displays the Ecolab Science Certified seal, you can be confident there will be science-based products and practices in place, and you can relax, enjoy yourself and feel comfortable taking back your social life!