Our hospital disinfectants and other sanitizers use precision dosing dispensers to eliminate guess work for hotel staff – helping support a consistent level of cleanliness.
Help ensure a consistent clean.
Hotel-specific training modules educate staff on important factors like how long to to leave a disinfectant on a surface and safe laundry handling.
Enhanced public health training focuses on thorough and frequent disinfection of high-touch objects.
Disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
Hotel staff and guests should wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer stationed throughout the property.
Clean hands are safe hands.
One of the broadest portfolios of products proven to effectively kill the virus that causes COVID-19.
Hospital disinfectants proven to kill the COVID-19 virus in 15 seconds.
The Ecolab Science Certified audit verifies cleaning practices and procedures are being followed across the property.
Check clean everywhere it matters.